Ordering system help

Instructions for first-time users of this system. (If your last online order with UNP Journals was prior to January 10, 2023, consider yourself a first-time user.)

  • Use the “Register” button if
    • You have never placed an order with UNP Journals (journal subscription, single issue copy, or society membership) by any means (phone, mail, or online)
  • Use the “Forgot your password or Customer ID?” link if
    • If you have ordered something from us in the past and have access to the email address on file with us.
    • You tried “Register” but got an error message saying there is already an account associated with your email address.
  • Contact us at journals@unl.edu for assistance if:
    • You are an existing customer, but you have changed your email address and no longer have access to the address we have on file. The link to set your password will be sent to the email address on file, so we will need to update the address in order for you to complete the process.
    • You are an existing customer, but do not know your customer ID number, and are getting an error message about multiple accounts associated with your email address when you try the “Forgot your password or Customer ID” link. We will retrieve your customer ID for you.
    • You are not receiving the email with the link to set your password, and you have already checked your spam or junk folders. This email should arrive within a minute or two. If it does not, your email provider is most likely blocking it. We know that some, including AOL, Verizon, and SBCGlobal, have filters that will generally prevent our automated emails from reaching our customers. If that happens to you, let us set up a temporary password for you.

A note on renewing subscriptions/memberships

You may find that your existing subscriptions/memberships do not show up in your account after you have logged in or that they show up, but do not have a “renew” button. Please do not be concerned; your past orders are still visible in our system, and we would be happy to look them up for you if you want information about them. Go ahead and place your order as if it were a new subscription rather than a renewal. We have processes in place to turn them into renewals.