Statement of Publishing Ethics
Feminist German Studies
ISSN 2578-5206, eISSN 2578-5192
Published biannually
Journal ownership: Coalition of Women in German

The editors and editorial board of Feminist German Studies, whose names and affiliations can be found on the Editorial Board tab of,  are committed to the following:

  • All research published in Feminist German Studies is subject to peer-review.
  • We will make our best efforts to ensure that our peer-review processes and editorial decisions are fair and unbiased, and that manuscripts are judged solely on their merits by individuals with appropriate levels of expertise in the subject area and familiarity with relevant previously published work. Our peer-review process is described in the Submissions & Book Reviews tab on
  • We have the right to reject a manuscript at any point in the process if, after an unbiased evaluation, it is the opinion of the editors it does not align with the journal’s mission or editorial policies or would be in conflict with the journal’s legal requirements.
  • We will treat submitted manuscripts as confidential documents and will not discuss them or share information about them with anyone outside the editorial staff, editorial board, potential reviewers, or the publisher.
  • We expect transparency on the part of editors and reviewers regarding potential conflicts of interest and will assign manuscripts to individuals who do not have such conflicts.
  • Our policies regarding article processing charges (APCs) are available on the Submissions & Book Reviews tab of
  • We expect authors to help us uphold our ethical standards by
    • agreeing that submission of a manuscript implies consent to the journal’s peer-review process;
    • submitting only original works;
    • respecting the intellectual property rights of others;
    • adhering to the journal’s policies regarding simultaneous submissions and prohibition of publication of the same research in more than one journal;
    • acknowledging and properly listing sources;
    • appropriately crediting all authors, other research participants, and funding sources;
    • listing as authors only those individuals who have made significant contributions to the research;
    • disclosing any potential conflicts of interest;
    • notifying the editors and/or publisher of any significant errors discovered after submission or publication; and
    • agreeing to provide retractions or corrections of any errors discovered after publication.
  • We will take all reasonable steps to identify any manuscript that does not adhere to our ethical standards or is the product of misconduct on the part of the author or other research participants. We will not knowingly publish or act in a manner that supports the publication of such a manuscript.
  • We will promptly investigate any credible allegation of unethical or illegal practices related to an article we have published or errors within an article. When warranted, we will issue corrections, retractions, and/or apologies, working with the author(s) as appropriate to find the best resolution.
  • The editors, sponsoring society, and publisher are committed to the discoverability, dissemination and long-term preservation of the scholarship published in the journal.
    • Members of the Coalition of Women in German receive subscriptions to the journal as a benefit of membership.
    • All articles in Project MUSE and JSTOR have stable URLs. All articles in Project MUSE also have registered DOIs.
  • Concerns may be reported to the editors or publisher by using the contact information found on the Submissions & Book Reviews tab on