Historical Geography Volume 29 (2001)
Practicing Historical Geography

Practicing Historical Geography
Re-placing the Past?
Richard H. Schein

Spaces of Interpretation: Archival Research and the Cultural Landscape
James Hanlon

Situating Practices: The Archive and the File Cabinet
Matthew Kurtz

Oral History in the Freud Archives: Incidents, Ethics, and Relations
Laura Cameron

On the Outside of “In”: Power, Participation, and Representation in Oral Histories
(not available)
Jamie Winders

Too Good to be True: Representing Children’s Agency in the Archives of Playground Reform
Elizabeth Gagen

Notes on Emancipatory Collaborative Historical Research
(not available)
James Duncan

Visual Texts in Historical Geography
(not available)
Mona Domosh

Fragments, Ruins, Artifacts, Torsos
Karen E. Till

Nodal Thinking
(not available)
Heidi J. Nast

Practicing Historical Geography
(not available)
Peter G. Goheen

Forgotten Battles, Forgotten Maps: Resources for Reconstructing Historical Topographical Intelligence Using Army Map Service Materials
John M. Anderson

Research Articles
Creating Yellowstone: Montanans in the Early Park Years
Langdon Smith, William Wyckoff

Transforming the Prairie: Early Tree Planting in an Oklahoma Town
Blake Gumprecht

The Creation of an Ethnic Culture Complex Region: Pennsylvania Germans in Central Ohio, 1790-1850
Timothy G. Anderson

Book Reviews
(not available)