Historical Geography Volume 37 (2009)
Making Places, Molding Memories

Distinguished Historical Geography Lecture
Francis Williams’s Bad Language: Historical Geography in a World of Practice
Miles Ogborn

Making Places, Molding Memories
Making Places, Molding Memories: Political and Race-based Origins of Monuments, Memories, and Identities
Ezra Zeitler

Ornithology on “The Rock”: Territory, Fieldwork, and the Body in the Straits of Gibraltar in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Kristen A. Greer

Remembering the File Hills Farm Colony
C. Drew Bednasek

Mobile Monumental Landscapes: Shifting Cultural Identities in Mexico City’s “El Caballito”
Seth Dixon

Reputational Politics and the Symbolic Accretion of John Brown in Kansas
Chris Post

Research Articles
Frontier Settlement Development and “Initial Conditions”: The Case of the North Carolina Piedmont and the Indian Trading Path
G. Rebecca Dobbs

Exogamy and Marital Propinquity in 19th Century Northeast Italy
Alessio Fornasin, Anna Marzona

“By a Thousand Ingenious Feminine Devices”: The Ladies’ Land League and the Development of Irish Nationalism
Adrian Mulligan

The City of Three Colors: Segregation in Colonial Dar es Salaam, 1891-1961
Sarah L. Smiley

Book Reviews