Historical Geography Volume 38 (2010)
Historical Geographies of Media

Distinguished Historical Geography Lecture
Digging in the Dirt: Unnatural Histories and the “Art of Not Dividing”
Laura Cameron

Historical Geographies of Media
Historical Geographies of Media
Jason Dittmer

Imaginative Cinematic Geographies of Australia: The Mapped View in Charles Chauvel’s Jedda and Baz Luhrmann’s Australia
Peta Mitchell, Jane Stadler

Aboriginality and the Arctic North in Canadian Nationalist Superhero Comics, 1940-2004
Jason Dittmer, Soren Larsen

Networks of Early Writing
Paul Adams

Monstrous and Haunted Media: H.P. Lovecraft and Early Twentieth-Century Communications Technology
James Kneale

Research Articles
“The Rivalship of Insignificant Villages”: Springfield, Illinois and Town Development in the Old Northwest, 1817-1840
Patrick Allen Pospisek

The Geographic Origins of the Norman Conquerors of England
Christopher Macdonald Hewitt

Review Essays
Derek Gregory, et al.: The Dictionary of Human Geography, Fifth Edition
Matt Gerike

Bernhard Radloff: Heidegger and the Question of National Socialism: Disclosure and Gestalt
Charles Travis

Book Reviews