Historical Geography Volume 39 (2011)
Geographies of Slavery

Editorial Update
Karen M. Morin

Distinguished Historical Geography Lecture
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Historical Geography
Richard H. Schein

Geographies of Slavery
Geographies of Slavery: Of Theory, Method, and Intervention
Derek H. Alderman, G. Rebecca Dobbs

Slavery Heritage Representations, Cultural Citizenship, and Judicial Politics in America
Christine N. Buzinde, Iyunolu F. Osagie

 “A Wretched and Slave-like Mode of Labor:” Slavery, Emancipation, and the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company’s Coaling Stations
Anyaa Anim-Addo

The Application of GIS to the Reconstruction of the Slave-Plantation Economy of St. Croix, Danish West Indies
Daniel Hopkins, Philip Morgan,   Justin Roberts

Applying the Panopticon Model to Historic Plantation Landscapes through Viewshed Analysis
Lisa B Randle

Defetishizing the Plantation: African Americans in the Memorialized South
Perry L. Carter, David Butler, Owen Dwyer

Representing Slavery at Plantation-House Museums in the U.S. South: A Dynamic Spatial Process
E. Arnold Modlin, Jr.

Afterword: Critical Geographies of Slavery
David Lambert

Research Articles
Enclosure Landscapes: Historical Reflections on Palestinian Geography
Gary Fields

Sardines, Place, and Taste
Dave McDermott

Negotiated Geographies of New Orleans’s Place d’Armes, 1789-1852
Rebecca Sheehan

Landscaping the Garden City: Transportation, Utilities, and Parks in Newton, Massachusetts, 1874-1915
John H. Spiers

Review Essays
The North American Journals of Prince Maximilian of Wied. Volume II: April-September 1883
Margaret Pearce

Book Reviews