Historical Geography 40 (2012)
Digital Historical Geography: Representation, Archive and Access

Digital Historical Geography: Representation, Archive and Access
Margaret Wickens Pearce

“There are Plenty of Women on the Street”: The Landscape of Commercial Sex in Progressive-Era Philadelphia, 1910-1918
Michael B. Kahan

Visualizing Indigenous Women in Oaxaca, Mexico at the End of the Twentieth Century
Laurel C. Smith

Visualización de Mujeres Indígenas en Oaxaca: México a finales del Siglo Veinte
Laurel C. Smith

Place Names in the Mongolian Altai: Cultural Shifts and Sensibilities
Esther Jacobson-Tepfer,  James E. Meacham

Distinguished Historical Geography Lecture
‘Tracing One Warm Line Through a Land so Wide and Savage.’ Fifty Years of Historical Geography in Canada
Graeme Wynn

Editorial Update
Maria Lane

Research Articles
Reclaiming Place through Remembrance: Using Oral Histories in Geographic Research
Ashley R. Ward

Negotiating Displacement during the Colonial and Early Independence Period along the Zambia-Mozambique Border
Angela G. Subulwa

Certain Subjects? Working with Biography and Life-Writing in Historical Geography
Cheryl McGeachan, Isla Forsyth,  William Hasty

Book Reviews
Soren Larsen, editor