Historical Geography 41 (2013)
Irish Historical Geographies

Front Matter

Editorial Update
Maria D. Lane

Distinguished Historical Geography Lecture
Carceral Space and the Usable Past
Karen M. Morin

Irish Historical Geographies: Colonial Contexts and Postcolonial Legacies
Irish Historical Geography: Colonial Contexts and Postcolonial Legacies
Gerry Kearns

Mapping worlds? Excavating Cartographic Encounters in Plantation Ireland through GIS
Keith Lilley, Catherine Porter

Geographies of Communality, Colonialism, and Capitalism: Ecology and the World-System
Eoin Flaherty

The Linguistic Geography of the Contact Zone: The Complementarity of Orality and Literacy in Colonial Ireland
Kevin Keegan

Revising Whelan’s Model of Tridentine Catholicism in Ireland: The Experience of Cloyne Diocese, Co. Cork, c. 1700 – 1830.
Martin Millerick

‘We Will Have Equality and Liberty in Ireland’: The Contested Geographies of Irish Democratic Political Cultures in the 1790s
David Featherstone

Writing the Colonial Past in Postcolonial Ireland: an Anglo-Irish Response
Mary Kelly

Research Articles
Machines in Desolation: Images of Technology in the Great Basin of the American West
Todd Shallat

A.H. Clark’s Framing of Geographical Change
Mike Roche

Democratizing Nature through State Park Development
Langdon Smith

Book Reviews