Historical Geography 42 (2014)
Irish Historical Geographies, Part 2

Front Matter
Maria Lane

Editorial Update
Garth A. Myers

Distinguished Historical Geography Lecture
Why We Must Make Maps: Historical Geography as a Visual Craft
Anne Knowles

Irish Historical Geographies: Colonial Contexts and Postcolonial Legacies, Part 2
Introduction to the Special Issue
Gerry Kearns

Towards a Traumatic Geography of Ireland 1530-1760 and Beyond: the Evidence of Irish Language Texts
William Smyth

Writing the “New Geography”: Cartographic Discourse and Colonial Governmentality in William Petty’s The Political Anatomy of Ireland (1672)
Nessa Cronin

The State and the Geography of National Education in pre-Famine Ireland
Kevin Lougheed

The press and the pledge: Father Theobald Mathew’s 1843 temperance tour of Britain
David Beckingham

The Great Famine in colonial context: public reaction and responses in Britain before the “Black ’47”
Carl J. Griffin

“Up to the Sun and Down to the Centre”: The Utopian Moment in Anticolonial Nationalism
Gerry Kearns

Race, space and politics in mid-Victorian Ireland: the ethnologies of Abraham Hume and John McElheran
Diarmid Alexander Finnegan

Erin’s Hope, Irish Blood and Indefeasible Allegiance: Reconfiguring Citizenship and Nationalism in an Era of Increased Mobility
Adrian Mulligan

Creating “A Great Ireland in America”: Reading and Remembrance in Buffalo, New York, 1872-1888
William Jenkins

Creating Citizens from Colonial Subjects: Reforming Local Government in Early Twentieth Century Ireland
Arlene Crampsie

The Elephant in the Room: Colonialism, Postcolonialism and Northern Ireland
Bryonie Reid

Exhibiting Maritime Histories: Titanic Belfast in the Post-Conflict City
Nuala Christina Johnson

Research Articles
West Coast Booms and East Coast Busts: Explaining the Roots of Methamphetamine’s Peculiar Geography
Aaron H. Gilbreath

Convergent Agrarian Frontiers in the Settlement of Mato Grosso, Brazil
Lisa Rausch

Reflexive Regionalism and the Santa Fe Style
Ron Foresta

Remembering and Forgetting an American President: A Landscape History of the Harrison Tomb
Charles H. Wade

Statecraft on the Eve of the Civil war: Influences on New Territories and States in the 36th U.S. Congress
Brandon Stanley Plewe and Samuel Otterstrom

Book Reviews
John Bauer