Historical Geography Volume 43 (2015)
Historical Geographies of Sexualities

Front Matter
Maria Lane

Editorial Update
Maria Lane

Conference Report
What futures for the pillar of geography? A report on the 16th International Conference of Historical Geographers, London
Richard Powell, Robert M Wilson

Historical Geographies of Sexualities
Historical Geographies of Sexualities?
Julie A Podmore, Michael P Brown

When Silence Reigns: Sexuality, Affect and Space in Soldiers’ Memoirs of the Napoleonic Wars
Marianne Blidon

“A mistaken policy of secretiveness”: Venereal disease and changing heterosexual morality in Lancashire, UK, 1920-1935.
Francesca Patricia Moore

Queering Discourses of Urban Decline: Representing Montréal’s Post-World War II “Lower Main”
Julie A Podmore

Recovering the Gay Village: A Comparative Historical Geography of Urban Change and Planning in Toronto and Sydney
Catherine Jean Nash, Andrew Gorman-Murray

Afterword: When Has Sexuality Ever Been About Sex? A Review of Historical Geographies of Sexualities
Eric Olund

Research Articles
The colonial origins of the state in southern Belize
Joel D Wainwright

“Fighting for the Rock at Home and Abroad”: Barbuda Voice Newspaper as a Transnational Space
Amy E. Potter

Nature-Society Dialectics and Class Struggle in Selected Works of Jack London
Kolson Schlosser

Conference Roundtable: Graeme Wynn
Space, Time and Environment: The Historical Geography of Graeme Wynn

Matthew Evenden

Broadening horizons: Wynn in and about the antipodes
Andrea Gaynor

Graeme Wynn: The Historical Geography of Environment and Empire from the Edges
Jane Carruthers

Graeme Wynn, Historical Geography, and Environmental History
Robert Wilson

Coming Ashore: Graeme Wynn and the Canadian Landscape
Larry D. McCann

Volume 43 Book Reviews
John Bauer

Castaneda and Simpson reviewed by Davis
Kathryn Davis

Colten reviewed by Drake
Dawn M Drake

Colten & Buckley reviewed by Hudson
John C. Hudson

Daschuk reviewed by Rensink
Brenden W. Rensink

Huber reviewed by Kunnas
Jan Kunnas

Jorgensen and Sorlin reviewed by Keeling
Arn Keeling

Kovarsky reviewed by Milson
Andrew Milson

Lambert reviewed by Butlin
Robin Butlin

Lancaster reviewed by Wright
Peggy Robinson Wright

Meyer reviewed by Driever
Steven Driever

Morrissey et al reviewed by Hagge
Patrick D. Hagge

Patin reviewed by Fockler
Matthew N. Fockler

Sumira reviewed by Adiv
Naomi Miriam Adiv

Wyckoff reviewed by Post
Christopher W. Post

Zandi-Sayek reviewed by Phipps
Catherine Phipps