NINE 15:1

NINE 15:1

Edited by Bill Kirwin

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Diamond Quotes


Leo Durocher’s Last Stand: Anti-Semitism, Racism, and the Cubs Player Rebellion of 1971
Andrew Hazucha

The Mouth Roars No Longer: Pete Franklin, Sports Talk, and Cleveland Indians Baseball, 1967– 1987
Joel Nathan Rosen

The Evolution of Baseball’s Amateur Draft
Paul D. Staudohar, Franklin Lowenthal, and Anthony K. Lima

Dick Young: Not So “Young Ideas” on the Barricades in 1968
Ron Briley

Semipro Baseball’s Golden Era (1935– 1941): A Tale of Two Cities
Royse Parr

Gatekeepers of Americana: Ownership’s Never-Ending Quest for Control of the Baseball Creed
Mitchell Nathanson

Open Classification: The Pacific Coast League’s Drive to Turn Major
Steve Treder

Triple Play: Personal Reviews, Op-ed Pieces, and Polemics from Outside the Purview of the Umpires

Leagues of Their Own
Darryl Brock

Remembering Bob Feller
Bob Boynton

Have Glove, Will Travel: Adventures of a Baseball Vagabond
reviewed by Karl Lindholm

Book Reviews

Scapegoats: Baseballers Whose Careers Are Marked by One Fateful Play
James E. Martin

Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ’Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big
Paul D. Staudohar

The Lean Years of the Yankees: 1965– 1975
Peter Carino

Breaking into Baseball: Women and the National Pastime
Peter Carino

Retro Ball Parks: Instant History, Baseball, and the New American City
Richard C. Crepeau

Bad Bill Dahlen
David Shiner

Joe McCarthy: Architect of the Yankee Dynasty
Steve Gietschier

National Pastime: How Americans Play Baseball and the Rest of the World Plays Soccer
Ron Briley

The Old Ball Game: How John McGraw, Christy Mathewson, and the New York Giants Created Modern Baseball
Harry Jebsen Jr.

Remembering Japanese Baseball: An Oral History of the Game
Roberta Newman

Growing Up with Baseball: How We Loved and Played the Game
Arline F. Schubert

The Sizzler: George Sisler, Baseball’s Forgotten Great
David A. Goss

All Bat, No Glove: A History of the Designated Hitter
Lisa Alexander

Luckiest Man: Th e Life and Death of Lou Gehrig
Jean Hastings Ardell

Playing for Their Nation: Baseball and the American Military during World War II
Bill Swanson

Tony Lazzeri: A Baseball Biography
Michael McBride


Nectar for the Gods at Shea
Mary Kennan Herbert

Photo Essay

Covering the World Series Nearly a Century Ago
Bill Kirwin

Film Review

Frank Ardolino