American Indian Quarterly 16:4

American Indian Quarterly 16:4

Edited by Morris W. Foster

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Religion and Encounter: Mid-Atlantic Regional Contact Between Native American and Euroamerican Peoples After the Voyages of Columbus
John A. Grim

The Iroquois and the World’s Rim: Speculations on Color, Culture, and Contact
George R. Hamell

“Some of them…Would Always Have a Minister with them”: Mohawk Protestantism, 1683-1719
Daniel K. Richter

Powhatan Priests and English Rectors: World Views and Congregations in Conflict
Helen C. Rountree

Religious Encounters in a Colonial Context: New England and New France in the Seventeenth Century
Neal Salisbury

The Biological Encounter: Disease and the Ideological Domain
William A. Starna

Christopher Columbus: Lost Havens in the Ruins of Representation
Gerald Vizenor


Bennett, Noel, Halo of the Sun: Stories Told and Retold; Carr, Pat, Sonachi: A Collection of Myth-Tales; Harjo, Joy and Stephen Strom, Secrets from the Center of the World; Hotvedt, Kris, Fry Breads, Feast Days, and Sheeps: Stories of Contemporary Indian Life; Kabotie, Michael (Lomawywesa), Migration Tears: Poems About Transitions; Weigle, Marta A., ed., Indian Tales from Picuris Pueblo
Paul G. Zolbrod


Canup, John. Out of the Wilderness: The Emergence of an American Identity in Colonial New England
Yasuhide Kawashima

Anderson, Karen. Chain Her by One Foot: The Subjugation of Women in Seventeenth-Century New France
Nancy Shoemaker

Thornton, Russell. The Cherokees: A Population History
William L. Anderson

Sober, Nancy Hope. The Intruders: The Illegal Residents of the Cherokee Nation, 1866-1907
William L. Anderson

Steinmetz, Paul B., S.J. Pipe, Bible, and Peyote Among the Lakota: A Study in Religious Identity
Timothy A. Zwink

Stewart, Rick, Joseph D. Ketner II and Angela L. Miller. Carl Wimar: Chronicler of the Missouri River Frontier
Richard Conn

Price, H. Marcus III. Disputing the Dead: U.S. Law on Aboriginal Remains and Grave Goods
Larry J. Zimmerman

Garland, Peter, ed. Jaime de Angulo: The Music of the Indians of Northern California
Clarence Sterling

Reichwein, Jeffrey C. Emergence of Native American Nationalism in the Columbia Plateau
Jay Miller

Cole, Douglas and Ira Chaikin. An Iron Hand Upon the People: The Law Against the Potlatch on the Northwest Coast
David Lonergan

Tennant, Paul. Aboriginal Peoples and Politics: The Indian Land Question in British Columbia, 1849-1989
Douglas Cole

Milloy, John S. The Plains Cree: Trade, Diplomacy and War, 1790-1870
Sarah Carter

Ives, John W., ed. A Theory of Northern Athapaskan Prehistory
William E. Simeone

Mather, Christine. Native America: Arts, Traditions, and Celebrations
Douglas R. George

Parsons, Lee A., John B. Carlson, and Peter David Joralemon. The Faces of Ancient America: The Walt and Brenda Zollman Collection of Precolumbian Art
Margot Blum Schevill

Olson, Paul A., ed. The Struggle for the Land: Indigenous Insight and Industrial Empire in the Semiarid World
Stephen Cornell

Porter, Frank W. III, ed. The Art of Native American Basketry: A Living Legacy
Sarah Peabody Turnbaugh

Porter, Frank W. III, compiler. Native American Basketry: A Living Legacy|
Sarah Peabody Turnbaugh

Shipley, William, ed. In Honor of Mary Haas: From the Haas Festival Conference on Native American Linguistics
Kathryn A. Klar

Bright, William, ed. The Collected Works of Edward Sapir, Volume V: American Indian Languages I
Margaret Langdon

Darnell, Regna. Edward Sapir: Linguist, Anthropologist, Humanist
Barrik Van Winkle

Klesert, Anthony L. and Alan S. Downer, eds. Preservation on the Reservation: Native Americans, Native American Lands and Archaeology
Shereen Lerner

Gutiérrez, Ramón A. When Jesus Came, The Corn Mothers Went Away: Marriage, Sexuality and Power in New Mexico, 1500-1846
Peter L. Steere

Simmons, Marc. The Last Conquistador: Juan de Oñate and the Settling of the Far Southwest
Peter L. Steere

Winship, George Parker, transl. and ed. The Journey of Coronado, 1540-1542
Peter L. Steere

Young, M. Jane. Signs From the Ancestors: Zuni Cultural Symbolism and Perceptions of Rock Art
Roger Anyon

Bean, Lowell John, ed. Seasons of the Kachina: Proceedings of the California State University-Hayward Conferences on the Western Pueblos, 1987-1988
Paul V. Kroskrity

MacLachlan, Colin M. Spain’s Empire in the New World: The Role of Ideas in Institutional and Social Change
Peter L. Steere

Loftin, John D. Religion and Hopi Life in the Twentieth Century
Richard O. Clemmer

Salinas, Martín. Indians of the Rio Grande Delta: Their Role in the History of Southern Texas and Northeastern Mexico
Mary Christopher Nunley

American Indian Resources Institute. Tribal Water Management Handbook
Peter Iverson

Weber, Bert. Indians Along the Oregon Trail: The Tribes of Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho and Washington Identified
Joyce Greiner

Seltice, Joseph. Saga of the Coeur D’Alene Indians: An Account of Chief Joseph Seltice
Bruce G. Miller

Ronda, James P. Astoria and Empire
Bruce G. Miller

DeWitt, Donald L., ed. American Indian Resource Materials in the Western History Collections, University of Oklahoma
Gerald T. Conaty

Upham, Steadman, Kent G. Lightfoot and Robert A. Jewett, eds. The Sociopolitical Structure of Prehistoric Southwestern Societies
Krisztina Kosse

Noble, David Grant, ed. Santa Fe: History of an Ancient City
Michael B. Stanislawski

Coe, Michael, Dean Snow and Elizabeth Benson. Atlas of Ancient America
Thomas Biolsi

Velie, Alan R., ed. The Lightning Within: An Anthology of Contemporary American Indian Fiction
Hertha Dawn Wong

Austin, Mary. The Land of Journey’s Ending
Robert Gish

Stineman, Esther Lanigan. Mary Austin: Song of a Maverick
Robert Gish

Reed, Evelyn Dahl. Coyote Tales from the Indian Pueblos
Simon J. Ortiz

Blue Cloud, Peter (Arpmoawentate). The Other Side of Nowhere: Contemporary Coyote Tales
Simon J. Ortiz

Cook-Lynn, Elizabeth. The Power of Horses and Other Stories
Mary J. Monette

Lanoue, Guy. Beyond Values and Ideology: Tales from Six North American Indian Peoples
Mary J. Monette

Blanche, Jerry D. ed. Native American Reader: Stories, Speeches, and Poems
Robert L. Berner

Coltelli, Laura, ed. Native American Literatures
Robley J. Evans

Ruoff, A. LaVonne Brown. American Indian Literatures: An Introduction, Bibliographic Review, and Selected Bibliography
Lawrence Abbott

King, Thomas, Cheryl Calver and Helen Hoy, eds. The Native in Literature: Canadian and Comparative Perspectives
Arnold Krupat

New, W.H., ed. Native Writers and Canadian Writings
Arnold Krupat

Cheyfitz, Eric. The Poetics of Imperialism: Translation and Colonization from the Tempest to Tarzan
Guillermo Bowie

Ramírez, Susan E., ed. Indian-Religious Relations in Colonial Spanish America
Stephen A. Colston

Himelblau, Jack J. Quiche World in Creation: The Popol Vuh as a Narrative Work of Art
Jean Molesky-Poz