American Indian Quarterly 18:2

American Indian Quarterly 18:2

Edited by Morris W. Foster

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Table Of Contents

Claiming Legitimacy: Prophecy Narratives from Northern Aboriginal Women
Julie Cruikshank

A Ventriloquy of Anthros: Densmore, Dorsey, Lame Deer, and Erdoes
Julian Rice

Aboriginal Spirituality in Corrections: A Canadian Case Study in Religion and Therapy
James B. Waldram

The Empty Lot: Spiritual Contact in Lenape and Moravian Religious Beliefs
Christopher P. Gavaler

Dreams, Theory, and Culture: The Plains Vision Quest Paradigm
Lee Irwin


Gerald Vizenor, Dead Voices: Natural Agonies in the New World
Gerald Vizenor, ed. and interpreter, Summer in the Spring: Anishinaabe Lyric Poems and Stories
William M. Clements

Gerald Vizenor, Landfill Meditations: Crossblood Stories
Lawrence R. Smith

Peter Nabokov and Robert Easton, Native American Architecture
William R. Swagerty

Stephen Cornell and Joseph P. Kalt, eds., What Can Tribes Do? Strategies and Institutions in American Indian Economic Development
Scott C. Russell

Patricia Cahape and Craig B. Howley, eds., Indian Nations at Risk: Listening to the People
U.S. Department of Education, Indian Nations at Risk: An Educational Strategy for Action
Kendall Blanchard

James E. Falkowski, Indian Law/Race Law: A Five-Hundred-Year History
Paul E. Lawson

Ray A. Williamson and Claire R. Farrer, eds., Earth & Sky: Visions of the Cosmos in Native American Folklore
Richard Slobodin

David W. Penny, Art of the American Frontier: The Chandler-Pohrt Collection
Ron McCoy

Olive Patricia Dickason, Canada’s First Nations: A History of Founding Peoples From Earliest Times
Donald B. Smith

J. R. Miller, Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens: A History of Indian-White Relations in Canada
Gwynneth C. D. Jones

Charles F. Wilkinson, The Eagle Bird: Mapping a New West
David M. Wrobel, The End of American Exceptionalism: Frontier Anxiety from the Old West to the New Deal
Jacqueline Baker-Barnhart

William L. Lang, ed., Centennial West: Essays on the Northern Tier States
Kenneth C. Dagel

Charles F. Wilkinson, Crossing the Next Meridian: Land, Water, and the Future of the West
Paul H. Carlson

Lydia T. Black, Glory Remembered: Wooden Headgear of Alaska Sea Hunters
Steven C. Brown

George M. Guilmet and David L. Whited, The People Who Give More: Health and Mental Health Among the Contemporary Puyallup Indian Tribal Community
William Willard

George Harwood Phillips, Indians and Intruders in Central California 1769-1849
James A. Sandos

Malcolm Margolin, Monterey in 1786: The Journals of Jean Francois de La Pérouse
Richard L. Carrico

Peter Wild, ed., The Desert Reader: Descriptions of America’s Arid Regions
Albin J. Cofone

Joel C. Janetski, The Ute of Utah Lake
William Saxe Wihr

Kent G. Lightfoot, Thomas A. Wake, and Ann M. Schiff, The Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Fort Ross, California, Vol. I
William Saxe Wihr

Ruth McDonald Boyer and Narcissis Duffy Gayton, Apache Mother and Daughters: Four Generations of a Family
Linda K. Watts

Barbara Tedlock, The Beautiful and the Dangerous: Encounters with the Zuni Indians
Willard Walker

Ann Lane Hedlund, Reflections of the Weaver’s World: The Gloria F. Ross Collection of Contemporary Navajo Weaving
Leona M. Zastrow

Patricia Janis Broder, Shadows on Glass: The Indian World of Ben Wittick
F. Dennis Lessard

Will Roscoe, The Zuni Man-Woman
Richard O. Clemmer

R. G. Matson, The Origins of Southwestern Agriculture
Timothy Baugh

Florence Hawley Ellis, San Gabriel del Yungue as Seen by an Archaeologist
Norman T. Oppelt, Earth, Water and Fire: The Prehistoric Pottery of Mesa Verde
David E. Stuart, The Magic of Bandelier
Joseph Courtney White, In the Land of the Delight Makers: An Archaeological Survey in the American West
Shirley Powell

Edward Lazarus, Black Hills/White Justice: The Sioux Nation Versus[lm1]  the United States, 1775 to the Present
C. Patrick Morris

Frances Densmore, Teton Sioux Music and Culture
R. D. Theisz

Don Doll S.J. and Jim Allinder, eds., Crying for a Vision: A Rosebud Sioux Trilogy, 1886-1976
Brian W. Dippie

Joseph Iron Eye Dudley, Choteau Creek: A Sioux Reminiscence
Thomas Schilz

Willard H. Rollings, The Osage: An Ethnohistorical Study of Hegemony on the Prairie-Plains
Roger L. Nichols

George Sabo III, Paths of Our Children: Historic Indians of Arkansas
Ronald Hicks, ed., Native American Cultures in Indiana
Robert E. Smith

Oliver Knight, Following the Indian Wars: The Story of the Newspaper Correspondents Among the Indian Campaigners
Marvin E. Kroeker

Carol Devens, Countering Colonization: Native American Women and Great Lakes Missions, 1630-1900
Laurie Lisa

Virgil J. Vogel, Indian Names on Wisconsin’s Map
David R. Wrone

Earl P. Olmstead, Blackcoats Among the Delaware: David Zeisberger on the Ohio Frontier
Marshall Joseph Becker

Colin G. Calloway, ed., Dawnland Encounters: Indians and Europeans in Northern New England
Harald E. L. Prins

Patrick Frazier, The Mohicans of Stockbridge
David R. Wrone

Stewart Peckham, From This Earth: The Ancient Art of Pueblo Pottery
Barton Wright