American Indian Quarterly 18:4

American Indian Quarterly 18:4

Edited by Morris W. Foster

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Table Of Contents

Northwest Coast Art: The Culture of Land Claims
Charlotte Townsend-Gault

Locke Setman, Emil Nolde and the Search for Expression in N. Scott Momaday’s The Ancient Child
Matthias Schubnell

Black Hawk’s An Autobiography: Production and Use of an “Indian” Voice
Mark Wallace

The Outsider in James Welch’s The Indian Lawyer
Sidner J. Larson

Red Atlantis Revisited: Community and Culture in the Writings of John Collier
E.A. Schwartz


The Gros Ventre in the Canadian Fur Trade
Theodore Binnema
Thomas Schilz


Verano, John W. and Douglas H. Ubelaker, eds., Disease and Demography in the Americas
Gregory R. Campbell

Deloria, Vine Jr., God is Red: A Native View of Religion
George Tinker

Kenny, Maurice, Tekonwatonti, Molly Brant: Poems (1735-1795)
Diane Glancy

Culin, Stewart, Games of the North American Indians
Kendall Blanchard

Bright, William, A Coyote Reader
Mary J. Monette

Batille, Gretchen M, ed., Native American Women: A Biographical Dictionary
Katherine M. B. Osburn

Adney, Edwin Tappan and Howard I. Chappelle, The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America
Colin Taylor

Foster, Nelson and Linda Cordell, eds., Chilies to Chocolate: Food the Americas Gave the World
Thomas H. Lewis

Pollard, Helen Perlstein, Tarícuri’s Legacy: The Prehistoric Tarascan State
John K. Chance

Stone, Samuel Z., The Heritage of the Conquistadors: Ruling Classes in Central America from Conquest to the Sandinistas
Shannon Bellamy

Wright, Robin K., ed., A Time of Gathering: Native Heritage in Washington State
Janet Catherine Berlo

Hayden, Brian, ed., A Complex Culture of the British Columbia Plateau: Traditional Stl’atl’imx Resource Use
Robert H. Ruby

Acatos, Sylvio, Pueblos: Prehistoric Indian Cultures of the Southwest
Lyle Koehler

Patterson, Alex, A Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Greater Southwest
Sally J. Cole

Redman, Charles L., Peoples of the Tonto Rim: Archaeological Discovery in Prehistoric Arizona
E. Charles Adams

Dillingham, Rick, with Melinda Elliot, Acoma and Laguna Pottery
Barbara J. Mills

Simmons, Marc, Coronado’s Land: Essays on Daily Life in Colonial New Mexico
Ted J. Warne

Downun, Christian E., Between Desert and River: Hohokam Settlement and Land Use in the Los Robles Community
Julia C. Lowell

Malotki, Ekkhart and Michael Lomatuway’ma, Maasaw: Profile of a Hopi God
Malotki, Ekkhart and Michael Lomatuway’ma, Stories of Maasaw, A Hopi God
Geertz, Armin W. and Michael Lomatuway’ma, Children of Cottonwood: Piety and Ceremonialism in Hopi Indian Puppetry
Armando Sevillano

Stockel, H. Henrietta, Women of the Apache Nation: Voices of the Truth
Junella Haynes

Schesier, Karl H., ed., Plains Indians A.D. 500-1500. The Archaeological Past of Historic Groups
Thomas A. Foor

Bowers, Alfred W., Hidatsa Social and Ceremonial Organization
Tressa L. Berman

Fradkin, Arlene, Cherokee Folk Zoology: The Animal World of a Native American People 1700-1838
Walter H. Conser Jr.

Bigger, Henry P., ed., The Voyages of Jacques Cartier
Harald E. L. Prins

Lemay, J. A. Leo, The American Dream of Captain John Smith
J. Russell Snapp

Donaldson, Thomas, The Six Nations of New York The 1892 Extra Census Bulletin
Laurence M. Hauptmann