Frontiers 17:3

Frontiers 17:3

Edited by Susan Armitage

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Sue Armitage,

Gloria E. Anzaldua,
To Live in the Borderlands Means you

Elizabeth Jameson,

Gail M. Nomura,
Asian American Frontiers

Annette Kolodny,
Rethinking Frontier Literary History as the Stories of First Cultural Contact

Karen P DePauw,
"Space: the Final Frontier": The Invisibility of Disability on the Landscape of Women Studies

Patricia S. Mann,
The Postfeminist Frontier is Global

Ursula K Le Guin,
Which Side Am I On, Anyway?

Clara Sue Kidwell,
New Frontiers in Native American History

Frances Karttunen,
Between Worlds: Interpreters, Guides, and Survivors

Sarah Deutsch,
Connections; and Kate Shanley, Meeting Grounds or "Frontiers"?


Muriel Magenta
The World's Women On-Line! (art)

Elizabeth V. Young
Saguaro (poem)

Albert L. Hurtado
When Strangers Met: Sex and Gender On Three Frontiers

Marita Dingus
Wrapped Spirit I and II, Dark Woman; and Figures, Blue (art)

Susanna Ashton
Compound Walls: Eva Jane Price's Letters from a Chinese Mission, I890-I900

Elizabeth V. Young
Tabula Rasa (poem)

Carol Hamoy
Welcome to America (art)

Carol E. Miller
Self-Portrait on the Border Line Between Mexico and the United States (poem)

Audrey C. Shalinsky
Gender Issues in the Afghanistan Diaspora: Nadia's Story

Joan Burbick
Romance, Rodeo Queens, and the I950s (photographic essay)


Laura Fair
Identity, Difference, and Dance: Female Initiation in Zanzibar, 1890-1930

Opal Palmer Adisa
The Tongue is a Drum (poem) Senses Related to the Nose (poem)

Margaret D. Jacobs
Making Savages of Us All: White Women, Pueblo Indians, and the Controversy over Indian Dances in the I920s

Donnalee Dox
Constructions of Rape: Two American Musicals