Frontiers 18:1

Frontiers 18:1

Edited by Susan Armitage

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Nancy Reincke
It Takes A Global Village to Raise a Consciousness: A Stretch of the Imagination

Jill Hammer
Winnowing (poetry)

Carol L.Winkelmann
Women in the Integrated Circuit: Morphing the Academic/Community Divide

Martha Engber
Crocodile Food (fiction)

Priscilla Ellsworth
The Changing Room (poetry)

Anna Faa
Aunt Sally's Warning (fiction)

Susan Spilecki
What the Pear Says (poetry) 

Kim Roberts
The Floor is Sticky (poetry)


M. Louise Stanley
A Painting of Courage (art)

Melanie Gustafson
Florence Collins Porter and the Concept of the Principled Partisan Woman

Erika Kuhlman
"Women's Ways in War": The Feminist Pacifism of the New York City Woman's Peace Party

Kathryn Anderson
Steps to Political Equality: Woman Suffrage and Electoral Politics in the Lives of Emily Newell Blair, Anne Henrietta Martin, and Jeannette Rankin


Claudia Bernardi (art)
Cries from the Invisible, Box #1; Execution; Cries from the Invisible, Box #3; Trip to Tigray

Susan Austin
Monday (fiction)

Ildikó Kalapács
Bosnia 1993 (art)

Yong Soon Min
DMZ XING (art essay)

Margaret Aho
Operation Pluto (poetry) 

Suzan Ruth Travis-Robyns
What is Winning Anyway? Redefining Veteran: A Vietnamese American Woman's Experiences in War and Peace