Frontiers 21:1/2

Frontiers 21:1/2

Edited by Susan Armitage

Table Of Contents

Introduction: Moving Beyond “Exotics, Whores, and Nimble Fingers”: Asian American Women in a New Era of Globalization and Resistance
Linda Trinh Võ and Marian Sciachitano

Summoning the Ghosts; Paper Daughter (art)
Wennie Huang

June 23, 1995, San Francisco Airport (poetry)
Lan Duong

Cultural Autobiography, Testimonial, and Asian American Transnational Feminist Coalition in the “Comfort Women of World War II” Conference
Pamela Thoma

Geisha Meets the Twentieth Century; Geisha Rocks to Def Leppard; Pearl Divers; Lady Murasaki Contemplates Plato; Mickey Goes to Tokyo (art)
Elsie Yukiko Sakuma

The Cost of Caring: The Social Reproductive Labor of Filipina Live-In Home Health Caregivers
Charlene Tung

Center, 1999 (poetry)
Kai Jo

De/Colonizing the Exotic: Teaching “Asian Women” in a U.S. Classroom
Piya Chatterjee

Requiem (fiction); Dreaming of the Eighth Year (poetry)
Shirley Ho

My Pink Ao Dai (poetry)
Nhien T. Nguyen

Remembering “the Nation” Through Pageantry: Femininity and the Politics of Vietnamese Womanhood in the Hao Hau Ao Dai Contest
Nhi T. Lieu

Movie Posters: OK for Sex; Fair and Lovely; Dowry; His Fate (art)
Annu P. Matthew

I love Asian Women (poetry)
Rana Chang

The Herstory of Bamboo Girl Zine
Sabrina Margarita Alcantara-Tan

Fence Sitters, Switch Hitters, and Bi-Bi Girls: An Exploration of Hapa and Bisexual Identities
Beverly Yuen Thompson

“My People” (fiction)
Carol Roh-Spaulding

Kalayaan Collection: Fetish; American Child; Fam·i·ly (art)
Zarah De Leon

Like Bamboo: Representations of a Japanese War Bride
Debbie Storrs

Creative Writing (fiction)
Traise Yamamoto