NINE 04:2

NINE 04:2

Edited by Bill Kirwin

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Diamond Quotes


Henry Chadwick and the Invention of Baseball Statistics
Jules Tygiel

The Strange Career of Sol. White, Black Baseball's First Historian
Jerry Malloy

The North Carolina League and the Advetn of World War I
Jim Summer

Whose Baseball? Baseball in Nineteenth Century Multicultural California
Joel S. Franks

Baseball and America in 1969: A Traditional Instituition Responds to Changing Times
Ron Briley

A Colony Within a Colony: The Western Canada Baseball League of 1912
Bill Kirwin


Great Time Coming: The Life of Jackie Robinson from Baseball to Birmingham
reviewed by Terence Malley

I Never Had It Made
It's Good to Be Alive

reviewed by Russell Hollander

Cobb: I Saw the Film; I Read the Book; Then I Wrote the Review
reviewed by David Pietrusza


Walter Johnson: A Life
Walter Johnson: Baseball's Big Train
reviewed by Bob Boynton

Inside the Strike Zone
reviewed by James B. Dworkin

Second to Home: Ryne Sandberg Opens Up
reviewed by Richard Grigsby

One Pitch Away: The Players' Stories of teh 1986 League Championships and World Series
reviewed by Terence Malley

Bums No More! The Championship Season of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers
reviewed by Ron Kaplan

The Fan
reviewed by Peter Carino

Hawk: An Inspiring Story of Success at the Game of Life and Baseball
reviewed by Jim Warnock

Matty: An American Hero
reviewed by Ernest J. Green

The Kid on the Sandlot: Congress and Professional Sports 1910 - 1992
reviewed by Michael J. Haupert

A Hard Road to Glory —Baseball: The African-American Athlete in Baseball
reviewed by Dick Clark

Early Innings: A Documentary History of Baseball, 1825-1908
reviewed by Jerry J. Wright


Worshipping Koshiem: The Japanese High School National Tournament Through the Eyes of a Young Japanese Fan
Dan Gordon


How I Saved Jim Bunning's Perfect Game
Richard Orodenker


Sherry Davis, Announcer, San Francisco Giants
George Gmelch

Playing Baseball in America: Puerto Rican Memories
Frank Otto


Bill Kirwin
Bill Kingstone
Joseph Dorinson