NINE 07:1

NINE 07:1

Edited by Bill Kirwin

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Diamond Quotes


Baseball and Community: From Pittsburgh's Hill to San Pedro's Canefields
Rob Ruck

On Umpires: Historical Perspectives, Contemporary Observations
Larry Gerlach

Three Stikes, You're Out—The Baseball Bat and Violence, or What Have They Done to My Louisville Slugger?
Bob Klein

Cal Ripken and the Condition of Freedom: Theme and Variation on the American Work Ethic
Carol J. Pierman

Fair or Foul: The Claims of Oral History on the 1925 World Series
Richard F. Peterson


The Detroit Tigers: Club and Community 1945 - 1995
reviewed by Anthony J. Papalas

The Cultural Encyclopedia of Baseball
reviewed by Bob Boynton

A Brave New World: The Summer of 1943
Guy Waterman


Once Around the Bases: Bittersweet Memories of Only One Game in the Majors
reviewed by Jean Hastings Ardell

Baseball's Biggest Blunder: The Bonus Rule of 1953-1957
revewed by Terence Malley

Going, Going, Gone: Music and Memories from Broadcast Baseball
reviewed by Ron Kaplan

The Ripening of Pinstripes: Called Shots on the New York Yankees
reveiwed by Matthew Brennan

Small Town Heroes: Images of Minor League Baseball
reviewed by Jon C. Stott

Remember When: A Nostalgic Look at America's National Pastime
reviewed by John E. Findling

The Dutiful Dozen
reveiwed by Mary A. Hums

Umpires: Classic Baseball Stories from the Men Who Make the Calls
reviewed by Chris Lamb

A House of Cards: Baseball Card Collecting and Popular Culture
reviewed by Jay C. Ziemann

Lefty O'Doul, The Legend that Baseball Nearly Forgot (The Story of the Hall of Fame's Missing Star)
reviewed by John Pastier

You're Out and You're Ugly Too! Confessions of an Umpire with Attitude
reviewed by Brant E. Ducey

Jackie Robinson: A Biography
reviewed by Patrick Henry

Voices from the Negro Leagues
reviewed by Jerry Malloy

Windy City Chronicles: The Chicago Cubs Encylopedia and The White Sox Encyclopedia
reviewed by Larry Gerlach


Day of Reckoning
David Shiner


Diamond Oases in Urban Deserts: A Minor League Archetype
Jon C. Stott

Charlie Metro, Raelee Frazier, and the 'Hitters' Hands' Project
Charlie Metro with Tom Altherr


Art McKennan, Announcer, Pittsburgh Pirates
George Gmelch


Americans of Japanese Ancestry (AJA) Baseball: Ethnic Pride and Tradition Exhibit, Honolulu
Frank Ardolino

Baseball on the Web
Dr. Robert E. Kraft