NINE 07:2

NINE 07:2

Edited by Bill Kirwin

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Table Of Contents

Diamond Quotes


The National Game
Jules Tygiel

Chris Von der Ahe: Baseball's Pioneering Huckster
Richard Egeniether

Sex and Baseball. Work and Play: The Unity of Metaphysics and Pragmatism in Bull Durham
Elisabeth Brooke

Baseball in Translation: The Italian Professional League
Peter Carino

Silk Gowns and Gold Gloves: The Forgotten History of Chinese Bat Ball
Joseph A. Reaves

The Origins of Baseball Chapel and teh Era of the Cristian Athlete, 1973-1990
William C. Kashatus

Bowie Kuhn: Toward a Reassessment
Steve Gietschier


Nolan Ryan and the Cy Young Award
Patrick Henry

A Double Play of Underground Baseball Novellas: A Baseball Classic and Praying for Rain
reviewed by Peter Carino

Fleet Walker's Divided Heart: The Life of Baseball's First Black Major Leaguer
reviewed by Lee Lowenfish


Mickey Mantle's Nightmare
Matthew Brennan

Ty Cobb's Shadow (for Dan)
Matthew Brennan


Viva Baseball: Latin Major Leaguers and their Special Hunger
reviewed by Rob Ruck

Wait Till Next Year: A Memoir
reviewed by Ron Briley

They Tasted Glory: Among the Missing at the Baseball Hall of Fame
reviewed by Guy Waterman

REDA Baseball Life
reviewed by George Goodman

Mickey Cochrane: The Life of a Baseball Hall of Fame Catcher
reviewed by Ron Kaplan

Walter Johnson: Baseball's Big Train
reviewed by Jay Ziemann

Man on Spikes
reviewed by Ernest J. Green

It's Where you Played the Game: How Youth Baseball Determines the Personality of the American Male
reviewed by Mike Emeigh

A Great and Glorious Game: Baseball Writings of A. Bartlett Giamatti
reviewed by Gary Land

My Greatest Day in Baseball, 1946 - 1997: Baseball's Legends Recount Their Epic Moments
reviewed by Norman P. Bolotin

Jimmie Foxx: The Pride of Sudlersville
reviewed by william C. Kashatus

Cooperstown to Dyersville: A Geography of Baseball Nostalgia
reviewed by Thomas R. Mueller


Interview with Sparky Anderson
Ron Kaplan