NINE 09:1/2

NINE 09:1/2

Edited by Bill Kirwin

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Table Of Contents


When Baseball Careers End
George Gmelch

The Journey to Find the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings: Keynote Speech to the Sixth Annual NINE Spring Training Conference, March 13, 1999
Darryl Brock

Soldiers at Play: Baseball on the American Frontier
Larry Bowman

Winter League Escapades: Dispatches from Ballparks in the Dominican Republic
Dan Gordon

Boondoggling, Baseball, and the WPA: Cooperstown’s Doubleday Field
Robert Kossuth

Transition of Women’s Baseball: An Overview
Gai Ingham Berlage


Mark Twain, Westward Expansion, Immigrant Unrest: Baseball and American Growing Pains in Darryl Brock’s If I Never Get Back
Peter Carino

Ty Cobb: Poe in Flannels
Jan Finkel

Williams Anderson, The Detroit Tigers—A Pictorial Celebration of the Greatest Players and Moments in Tiger History; George Kell with Dan Ewald, Hello Everybody I’m George Kell; and George Cantor, The Tigers of ’68: Baseball’s Last Real Champions
Anthony J. Papalas


Bruce Markusen, Baseball’s Last Dynasty: Charlie Finley’s Oakland A’s
Jules Tygiel

Hobe Hays, Take Two and Hit to Right: Golden Days on the Semi-Pro Diamond
Peter Carino

John A. Lauricella, Home Games: Essays on Baseball Fiction
Matt Brennan

John C. Skipper, A Biographical Dictionary of the Baseball Hall of Fame
Jim Vlasich

J. Thomas Hetrick, Chris Von der Ahe and the St. Louis Browns
Ron Kaplan

Bob Costas, Fair Ball: A Fan’s Case for Baseball
Jay Ziemann

Roger Kahn, A Season in the Sun
Paul D. Staudohar

Darryl Brock, Havana Heat: A Novel
Steve Gietschier

David Pietrusza, Lights On! The Wild Century-Long Saga of Night Baseball
C. Paul Rogers III

Ty Waterman and Mel Springer, The Year the Red Sox Won the Series: A Chronicle of the 1918 Championship Season
Seamus Kearney

Tim Peeler, Touching All the Bases: Poems from Baseball
Matt Brennan

William C. Kashatus, Connie Mack’s ’29 Triumph: The Rise and Fall of the Philadelphia Athletics Dynasty
Anna R. Newton

Fred Eisenhammer and Jim Binkley, Baseball’s Most Memorable Trades
Gene Carney

William F. McNeil, Baseball’s Other All-Stars: Most Memorable Trades
Gene Carney

William F. McNeil, Baseball’s Other All-Stars: The Greatest Players from the Negro Leagues, the Japanese Leagues, the Mexican League, and the Pre-1960 Winter Leagues in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic
Jan Finkel


The Secret Life of Leon Trotsky: Baseball and the Revolution
Robert Elias


Dick Allen, the Phillies, and Racism
William C. Kashatus

From the Heart: Fan Response to the Seattle Mariners’ 1995 Baseball Season
Russell Hollander

African-Americans and Pick-up Ball: The Loss of Diversity and Recreational Diversion in Midwestern Youth Baseball
David C. Ogden

Baseball’s Mental Game
George Gmelch

Competitive Balance in Major League Baseball: Back to the Future
Keith Sherony, Michael Haupert, and Glenn Knowles


Play Ball!: A Selective History of the Round Object That Gives the National Game Its Name
Bob Klein

An Invitation to See the Hanshin Tigers: Japanese Baseball as Seen Through the Eyes of a Female Fan
Dan Gordon


Photo Essay
Bill Chapman


Confessions of an All-American Girl: Madonna’s Model
Faye Dancer with John B. Holway


The Pitch
Elinor Nauen

Change of Pace
Donald Honig

Batting Around
Donald Honig

Father Bought a Ball Team
Peter Ordway