symploke 10:1/2

symploke 10:1/2

Edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo

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Table Of Contents

"The Sites of Pedagogy"

"The Sites of Pedagogy"
Jeffrey R. Di Leo, Walter Jacobs & Amy Lee

"The U.S. Holocaust Museum as a Scene of Pedagogical Address"
Elizabeth Ellsworth

"Teacher Narratives as Interruptive"
Chris W. Gallagher, Peter M. Gray & Shari Stenberg

Andrew Hoberek

"Pedagogy of the Dispossessed"
Dwight E. Brooks

"Thirteen Perspectives on Critical Pedagogy"
Rochelle Harris

"In Sight of Visual Culture"
Karen Stanworth

"Interdisciplining Pedagogy "
Heidi Barajas, Patrick Bruch, Gregy Choy, Carl Chung, Leon Hsu, Walter Jacobs, Amy Lee, Karen Miksch, Mark Pedelty & Tom Reynolds

"Interrupting the Right"
Michael W. Apple


"The Imaginary Museum of Samuel Beckett"
Raymond Federman

"Leaving All the Time"
John Hilgart