Studies in American Indian Literatures 19:1

Studies in American Indian Literatures 19:1

Edited by Malea Powell

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Special Issue


Barbara J. Cook, Lynn Domina, and Susan Gardner

Native American Education vs. Indian Learning: Still Battling Pratt after All These Years

Kimberly Roppolo and Chelleye L. Crow

Out of the Classroom and into the Canyons: An American Indian Travel Course in Theory and Practice

Conrad Shumaker

"Interpretation Is a Perilous Venture": Petroglyphs, Maps, and DNA

Reginald Dyck

"I Liked It So Much I E-mailed Him and Told Him": Teaching The Lesser Blessed at the University of California

Jane Haladay

Decolonizing Pedagogy: Teaching Louise Erdrich's The Bingo Palace

Margaret A. Toth

Contributor Biographies

Major Tribal Nations and Bands