Women and Music 12:1

Women and Music 12:1

Edited by Suzanne G. Cusick

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Table Of Contents

Remaking the Past: Feminist Spirituality in Anonymous 4 and Sequentia's Vox Feminae
Kirsten Yri

Gender and Gender Redux: Rethinking Binaries and the Aesthetics of Old-Style Javanese Wayang
Sarah Weiss

Three Perspectives on Feminist Rock Criticism: In Memory of Ellen Willis

A Spy in the House of Love
Ann Powers

Calling Ellen Willis: Quarreling with the "Radicals," Loving Consumer Culture, and Hearing Women's Voices
Susan Fast

The Write to Rock: Racial Mythologies, Feminist Theory, and the Pleasures of Rock Music Criticism
Daphne A. Brooks

Theorizing Gender, Culture, and Music

The Sublime, the Ineffable, and Other Dangerous Aesthetics
Judy Lochhead

Garden Disputes: Postmodern Beauty and the Sublime Neighbor; A Response to Judy Lochhead's "The Sublime, the Ineffable, and Other Dangerous Aesthetics"
James Robert Currie

Musicology after Identity—Four Fragments
James Robert Currie

Experience, Borders: "How, therefore, must we live?"; A Response to James Robert Currie
Judy Lochhead


Black Women and Music: More than the Blues, edited by Eileen M. Hayes and Linda F. Williams
Monica Hairston

Check It while I Wreck It: Black Womanhood, Hip-Hop Culture and the Public Sphere, by Gwendolyn D. Pough
Marnie Binfield

A Boy Named Sue: Gender and Country Music, edited by Kristine M. McCusker and Diane Pecknold
Robynn Stilwell

Sensational Knowledge: Embodying Culture through Japanese Dance, by Tomie Hahn
Wendy Hsu

The Queer Composition of America's Sound: Gay Modernists, American Music, and National Identity, by Nadine Hubbs
Judith Tick

Melting the Venusberg: A Feminist Theology of Music, by Heidi Epstein
Jennifer Rycenga