American Indian Quarterly 33:4

American Indian Quarterly 33:4

Edited by Amanda J. Cobb-Greetham

Table Of Contents

Special Issue: Working from Home in American Indian History
Guest Editors' Remarks
Susan M. Hill and Mary Jane Logan McCallum

Fractured Relations at Home: The 1953 Termination Act's Effect on Tribal Relations throughout Southern California Indian Country
Heather Ponchetti Daly

"Wait a Second. Who Are You Anyways?": The Insider/Outsider Debate and American Indian Studies
Robert Alexander Innes

Haudenosaunee Genealogies: Conflict and Community in the Oneida Land Claim
Kristina Ackley

Conducting Haudenosaunee Historical Research from Home: In the Shadow of the Six Nations–Caledonia Reclamation
Susan M. Hill

Telling Our Own Stories: Lumbee History and the Federal Acknowledgment Process
Malinda Maynor Lowery

Indigenous Labor and Indigenous History
Mary Jane Logan McCallum

Special Issue Commentaries
Commentary on "Working from Home in American Indian History"
Philip Deloria

American Indian History and Writing from Home: Constructing an Indian Perspective
Donald L. Fixico

Book Reviews
Ofelia Zepeda. Where Clouds Are Formed
Stephanie Fitzgerald

Miriam Jorgensen, ed. Rebuilding Native Nations: Strategies for Governance and Development
Julie Pelletier

Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie and Veronica Passalacqua, eds. Our People, Our Land, Our Images: International Indigenous Photographers
Mary K. Bowannie

Steven T. Newcomb. Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery
Leola Tsinnajinnie

Luci Tapahonso. A Radiant Curve: Poems and Stories
Lee Shenandoah Vasquez

Rauna Kuokkanen. Reshaping the University: Responsibility, Indigenous Episteme, and the Logic of the Gift
Rosemary Ackley Christensen

Joyce M. Szabo. Art from Fort Marion: The Silberman Collection
Tulla Lightfoot

Andrew J. Jolivétte. Louisiana Creoles: Cultural Recovery and Mixed-Race Native American Identity
Gary C. Cheek Jr.

Diana F. Pardue. Shared Images: The Innovative Jewelry of Yazzie Johnson & Gail Bird
Richard Gay

Walter Benn Michaels. The Trouble with Diversity: How We Learned to Love Identity and Ignore Inequality
Frederick White

Jared Farmer. On Zion's Mount: Mormons, Indians and the American Landscape
Ruth Knight Bailey

Amy E. Den Ouden. Beyond Conquest: Native Peoples and the Struggle for History in New England
Robert J. Miller

Recent Dissertations
Compiled by Jonathan Erlen and Jay Toth

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