Frontiers 29:2/3

Frontiers 29:2/3

Edited by Susan E. Gray and Gayle Gullett

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Table Of Contents

A Special Issue:
Intermarriage and North American Indians

Guest Editors: Cathleen Cahill, Susan E. Gray, Jacki Thompson Rand, and Kerry Wynn
Assistant Guest Editor: Bonnie Thompson

Susan E. Gray and Gayle Gullett

Tanis C. Thorne

"They Found and Left Her an Indian": Gender, Race, and the Whitening of Young Bear
James J. Buss

Her Husband's Old Age; 1849: Great-great-grandfather Moves West (poetry)
Heather Bouwman

Making Stories (Artist's Statement)
Sherry Farrell Racette

Red, White, and Black: A Personal Essay on Interracial Marriage
Jacki Thompson Rand

The Narrative of Nancy, A Cherokee Woman
Tiya Miles

The Benefits of Being Indian: Blood Quanta, Intermarriage, and Allotment Policy on the White Earth Reservation, 1889-1920
Katherine Ellinghaus

"You Think It Strange That I Can Love an Indian": Native Men, White Women, and Marriage in the Indian Service
Cathleen D. Cahill

Miengun's Children: Tales from a Mixed-Race Family
Susan E. Gray

Renegotiating Identity: "Primitivism" in 20th Century Art as Family Narrative
Carolyn Butler Palmer