Frontiers 30:1

Frontiers 30:1

Edited by Susan E. Gray and Gayle Gullett

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Table Of Contents

Special Issue: Knowledge That Matters: Feminist Epistemology, Methodology, and Science Studies
Guest Editors: Nancy D. Campbell and Mary Margaret Fonow

Gayle Gullett and Susan E. Gray

Nancy D. Campbell and Mary Margaret Fonow

Reconstructing Science and Technology Studies: Views from Feminist Standpoint Theory
Nancy D. Campbell

Off the Straight and Narrow: An Interpretive and Intersectional Reframing of Social Reproduction in International Political Economy
Interactive and Intersectional Analytics of Globalization
V. Spike Peterson

Affect, Race, and Class: An Interpretive Reading of Caring Labor
Drucilla K. Barker and Susan F. Feiner

An Interpretive Analytics to Move Caring Labor Off the Straight Path
Suzanne Bergeron

Shifting Viewpoints/Shifting Meanings in the Work of Four Women Artists
Curator's Statement: Double X (art)
Hilary Harp

Handmade Petrified Wood
Amy Hauft

Off Course
Elizabeth Chaney

Artist's Statement
M. Michelle Illuminato

Artist's Statement
Chelsea Lorber

Ignorance, Power and Knowledge
Engineering Ignorance: The Problem of Gender Equity in Engineering
Suzanne Franzway, Rhonda Sharp, Julie E. Mills, and Judith Gill

Double-Bound: Putting the Power Back into Participatory Research
Virginia Eubanks

Étude (on Karma); Deborah's Story (poetry)
Cynthia Hogue

Malthusian Men and Demographic Transitions: A Case Study of Hegemonic Masculinity in Mid-Twentieth-Century Population Theory
Carole R. McCann

Making Strange: Deconstruction and Feminist Standpoint Theory
Karen Houle

Flotation Device; A Version of Her Suicide: in the North of Ireland (poetry)
Deirdre O'Connor

Author Meets the Critics
"Engaging the Real is Not What it Used to Be": On Patti Lather's Getting Lost on the Way to "a Less Comfortable Social Science"
Lenore Langsdorf

Deconstruction and the Problematics of Social Engagement: Fertile Tensions
Rachel Joffe Falmagne

Getting Lost and Found and Lost and Found and Lost Again with Patti Lather
Adele E. Clarke

Getting Lost: Feminist Efforts Toward a Double(d) Science
Patti Lather

Feminist Currents (column)
Eileen Boris