NINE 18:1

NINE 18:1

Edited by Trey Strecker

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Table Of Contents

Diamond Quotes

Baseball's Whitewash: Sportswriter Wendell Smith Exposes Major League Baseball's Big Lie
Chris Lamb

Complicated Shadows: Ty Cobb and the Public Imagination
Charles Klinetobe and Steve Bullock

"Personally, I Have Nothing Against Smoking": The Lethal Alliance between Baseball and the Cigarette
Peter Morris

Player Pay and Productivity in the Reserve Clause and Collusion Eras
Michael J. Haupert

Going South: Professional Baseball's Contraction in Canada
Robert Bellamy and David Whitson

A Tale of Two Teams: A Comparison of the Cubs and White Sox in Chicago
Keith Sherony and Glenn Knowles

Triple Play
Abner Cartwright
John Thorn

Home Field (Dis)Advantage and the "Last-Ups" Effect
Stephen Shmanske and Franklin Lowenthal

Realizing a Kid's Dream of Computerized Baseball
Gary Cokins

Book Reviews
Baseball in Europe: A Country by Country History
Peter Carino

Asian Pacific Americans and Baseball: A History
Frank Ardolino

Harry Frazee, Ban Johnson and the Feud That Nearly Destroyed the American League
Steve Gietschier

Chief Bender's Burden: The Silent Struggle of a Baseball Star

Ron Briley

Ed Barrow: The Bulldog Who Built the Yankees' First Dynasty
Lee Lowenfish

Charlie Gehringer: A Biography of the Hall of Fame Tigers Second Baseman
Tim Morris

One Man Out: Curt Flood versus Baseball
Lisa Doris Alexander

The End of Baseball: A Novel
William E. Akin

Northsiders: Essays on the History and Culture of the Chicago Cubs
Dave Ogden

Field of Schemes: How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money into Private Profit
Christopher Keshock

Living on the Black: Two Pitchers, Two Teams, One Season to Remember
David Mills

Baseball's Greatest Hit: The Story of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
Ron Kaplan

Center Field Shot: A History of Baseball on Television
Roberta Newman

Film Review
Babe's Bats: Headin' Home to Everyone's Hero
Frank Ardolino