Native South 02:1

Native South 02:1

Edited by James T. Carson, Robbie Ethridge, and Greg O'Brien

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Table Of Contents

Indians, Southerners, and Americans: Race, Tribe, and Nation during "Jim Crow"
Malinda Maynor Lowery

John Musgrove: The First British-Creek Mediator of Georgia
Julie Anne Sweet

Sallie Watie and Southern Cherokee Women in the Civil War and After
James W. Parins

Book Review Forum
Chiefdoms and Other Archaeological Delusions
David G. Anderson and Robbie Ethridge

History, Social Evolution, and the Culture Wars
Charles R. Cobb

In Search of the Back Door
Jay Johnson

Deposing the Chiefdom Model "Monster-God"
Lynne P. Sullivan

Whose Delusions?
David J. Hally

Delusions of Chiefdoms: An Ethnohistorian's Viewpoint
Greg O'Brien

On Delusions
Robin A. Beck Jr.

Past Action: Present and Future
Henry T. Wright

My Delusions
Timothy R. Pauketat

Field Notes
Sixty Indians and Twenty Canoes: Briton Hammon's Unreliable Witness to History
Daniel Vollaro

By Her Hands: Catawba Women and Survival, Civil War through Reconstruction
N. N. Augusté

Crossing Paths: Intersections between Louis Michel and Monacan Oral Traditions
Jay Hansford C. Vest