Women and Music 13:1

Women and Music 13:1

Edited by Catherine J. Pickar

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Table Of Contents

Clares in Procession: The Processional and Hours of the Franciscan Minoresses at Aldgate
Anne Bagnall Yardley

Bernstein, Homophobia, Historiography
Nadine Hubbs

Theorizing Gender, Culture, and Music: "Queer Vibrations"
What's Queer about Musicology Now?
Rachel Lewis

Amor nello specchio (1622): Mirroring, Masturbation, and Same-Sex Love
Emily Wilbourne

"Do You Nomi?": Klaus Nomi and the Politics of (Non)identification
Žarko Cvejic

The Erotics of an Oil Drum: Queercore, Gay Macho, and the Defiant Sexuality of Extra Fancy's Sinnerman
Kevin Schwandt

Ruth Crawford Seeger's Worlds: Innovation and Tradition in Twentieth-Century American Music, edited by Ray Allen and Ellie M. Hisama
Beverley Diamond

Boccherini's Body: An Essay in Carnal Musicology, by Elisabeth Le Guin
Kelly Savage

Voicing Gender: Castrati, Travesti, and the Second Woman in Early-Nineteenth-Century Italian Opera, by Naomi André
Stephanie Jensen-Moulton

Women Composers and Music Technology in the United States: Crossing the Line, by Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner
Elizabeth Keathley

O Let Us Howle Some Heavy Note: Music for Witches, the Melancholic, and the Mad on the Seventeenth-Century English Stage, by Amanda Eubanks Winkler
Megan McFadden

Bay Area Women in Creative Music (http://music.mills.edu/bawcm/). Web site maintained by Mills College, Oakland, CA
Gascia Ouzounian

Queering the Popular Pitch, edited by Sheila Whiteley and Jennifer Rycenga
Dana Baitz