Frontiers 30:3

Frontiers 30:3

Edited by Susan E. Gray and Gayle Gullett

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Table Of Contents

Special Issue: Women's Clubs at Home and in the World
Guest Editor: Karen J. Blair

Gayle Gullett and Susan E. Gray

Karen J. Blair

Citizen Experts: The League of Women Voters and Environmental Conservation
Terrianne K. Schulte

"A Dynamic Force in Our Community": Women's Clubs and Second-Wave Feminism at the Grassroots
Melissa Estes Blair

"The Pulse and Conscience of America": The General Federation and Women's Citizenship, 1945-1960
Paige Meltzer

Elizabeth Bender Cloud: "Working For and With Our Indian People"
Lisa Tetzloff

"The Answer to the Auxiliary Syndrome": Women Involved in Farm Economics (WIFE) and Separate Organizing Strategies for Farm Women, 1976-1985
Jenny Barker Devine

Activism from the Margins: Filipino Marriage Migrants in Australia
Glenda Lynna Anne Tibe Bonifacio

Networks of Sociability: Women's Clubs in Colonial and Postcolonial India
Benjamin B. Cohen