Legacy 26:2

Legacy 26:2

Edited by Nicole Tonkovich, Jennifer S. Tuttle, and Theresa Strouth Gaul

Table Of Contents

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Two Legacy Roundtable Discussions
Edited and Introduced by Jennifer S. Tuttle
     Legacy Roundtable I: Looking Back
     Legacy Roundtable II: Looking Forward

Of Compass Bearings and Reorientations in the Study of American Women Writers
Nicole Tonkovich

Recovering Recovery: Early American Women and Legacy's Future
Theresa Strouth Gaul

"Across the Gulf": Working in the "Post-Recovery" Era
Sharon M. Harris

Embodied Pedagogies: Femininity, Diversity, and Community in Anthologies of Women's Writing, 1836-2009
Karen L. Kilcup

The Responsibility Is Ours: The Failure of Infrastructure and the Limits of Scholarship
Susan Belasco


Excerpt from Anna's Book
Jennifer S. Tuttle

Chapter Fourteen
Joanne Dobson

From the Archives
Laying Claim to the Land(scape): Chansonetta Stanley Emmons (1858-1937)
Shawn Michelle Smith

Legacy Profile
On Legacy Profiles
Jennifer S. Tuttle

Legacy Profiles Index: Volumes 1.1 through 25.2, 1984–June 2009
Lisa M. Thomas

On Culture
"The Flower Charity. Heaven bless it!": A Study of Charity in Literature and Culture
Robin L. Cadwallader

Guidelines for Submitting Materials to Legacy Feature Sections