Anthropological Linguistics 50:2

Anthropological Linguistics 50:2

Edited by Douglas R. Parks

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Table Of Contents

"The Bloody Moose Got Up and Took Off": Talking Carefully about Food Animals in a Northern Athabaskan Village
Thomas McIlwraith

The Partitive Marker in Abma
Cynthia Schneider

Metaphors, Source Domains, and Key Words in Tongan Speech about Social Relationships: 'Ofa 'Love' Is Giving
Giovanni Bennardo

Book Reviews

Tales from Maliseet Country: The Maliseet Texts of Karl V. Teeter (Philip S. LeSourd, translator and editor)
David J. Costa

Pitch Woman and Other Stories: The Oral Traditions of Coquelle Thompson, Upper Coquille Athabaskan Indian (William R. Seaburg, editor)
Jay Miller

The Syntax of Welsh (Robert D. Borsley, Maggie Tallerman, and David Willis)
Kevin J. Rottet

The Tujia Language (Cecilia Brassett, Philip Brassett, and Meiyan Lu)
David Bradley

A Grammar of South Efate: An Oceanic Language of Vanuatu (Nicholas Thieberger)
Elizabeth Pearce