Anthropological Linguistics 50:3/4

Anthropological Linguistics 50:3/4

Edited by Douglas R. Parks

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Table Of Contents

Language Contact in the Cairns Rainforest Region
R. M. W. Dixon

Identity Planning in an Obsolescent Variety: The Case of Jersey Norman French
Mari C. Jones

Aspects of Karitiâna Vowels
Caleb Everett

Evidentiality in Dena'ina Athabaskan
Gary Holton and Olga Lovick

The Expression of Noun Phrases in Halkomelem Texts
Donna B. Gerdts and Thomas E. Hukari

The Impact of Anterior Dental Extraction and Restoration on the Articulation of Affricates by Dinka Refugees in Nebraska
Jerold A. Edmondson, David J. Silva, and Mary S. Willis

Book Reviews
A Dictionary of Skiri Pawnee (Douglas R. Parks and Lula Nora Pratt)
Anthony P. Grant

Spelling and Society: The Culture and Politics of Orthography around the World (Mark Sebba)
Barbara Burnaby

Linguistic Fieldwork: A Practical Guide (Claire Bowern)
Chris Rogers and Lyle Campbell

Consequences of Contact: Language Ideologies and Sociocultural Transformations in Pacific Societies (Miki Makihara and Bambi Schieffelin, editors)
Kathryn Woolard

Motion, Transfer, and Transformation: The Grammar of Change in Lowland Chontal (Loretta O’Connor)
John Newman