Frontiers 31:3

Frontiers 31:3

Edited by Susan E. Gray and Gayle Gullett

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Table Of Contents

Gayle Gullett and Susan E. Gray

Miscegenation and Race: A Roundtable on Peggy Pascoe's What Comes Naturally
Estelle B. Freedman

Legal Fictions Exposed
Eileen Boris

What Comes Naturally: A Racially Inclusive Look at Miscegenation Law
Jacki Thompson Rand

"The Relics of Slavery": Interracial Sex and Manumission in the American South
Jessica Millward

Nikki Sawada Bridges Flynn and What Comes Naturally
Valerie J. Matsumoto

Therapeutic Culture and Marriage Equality: What Comes Naturally and Contemporary Dialogues about Marriage
Kristin Celello

Social Movements, the Rise of Colorblind Conservativism, and What Comes Naturally
Matt Garcia

Even in Consumer Glut (curatorial statement)
John Massier

Artist's Statement
Barbara Weissberger

"Never Tear the Linnet from the Leaf": The Feminist Intertextuality of Edna O'Brien's Down by the River
Jane Elizabeth Dougherty

Re-Placing the Madwoman: Irene Vilar's The Ladies' Gallery
Laura Kanost

Daddy's Little Girls: On the Perils of Chastity Clubs, Purity Balls, and Ritualized Abstinence
Breanne Fahs