Legacy 27:2

Legacy 27:2

Edited by Nicole Tonkovich, Jennifer S. Tuttle, and Theresa Strouth Gaul

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Table Of Contents

"I've only to say the word!": Uncle Tom's Cabin and Performative Speech Theory
Debra J. Rosenthal
From the Archives
Lost and Found: Making Claims on Archives
Eve Allegra Raimon
Book Reviews

Review Essay
The Literary Work of Editing Letters
Mercy Otis Warren: Selected Letters edited by Jeffrey H. Richards and Sharon M. Harris
Little Women Abroad: The Alcott Sisters' Letters from Europe, 1870-1871 edited by Daniel Shealy
The Selected Letters of Charlotte Perkins Gilman edited by Denise D. Knight and Jennifer S. Tuttle
Elizabeth Hewitt


Figuring Modesty in Feminist Discourse Across the Americas, 1633-1700 by Tamara Harvey
Anne G. Myles

Reforming the World: Social Activism and the Problem of Fiction in Nineteenth-Century America by María Carla Sánchez
Susan M. Ryan

Activist Sentiments: Reading Black Women in the Nineteenth Century by P. Gabrielle Foreman
Cherene Sherrard-Johnson

Uncommon Women: Gender and Representation in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Women's Writing by Laura Laffrado
Katherine Adams

Working Women, Literary Ladies: The Industrial Revolution and Female Aspiration by Sylvia Jenkins Cook
Lesley Wallace Wootton

Enterprising Youth: Social Values and Acculturation in Nineteenth-Century American Children's Literature edited by Monika Elbert
Carol J. Singley

Vision, Gender, and Power in Nineteenth-Century American Women's Writing, 1860-1900 by Birgit Spengler
Rita Bode

The Color of Democracy in Women's Regional Writing by Jean Carol Griffith
Philip Joseph

Sapphira and the Slave Girl by Willa Cather; historical essay and explanatory notes by Ann Romines; textual essay and editing by Frederick M. Link, Charles W. Mignon, and Kari A. Ronning
Youth and the Bright Medusa by Willa Cather; historical essay and explanatory notes by Mark J. Madigan; textual essay and editing by Frederick M. Link, Charles W. Mignon, Judith Boss, and Kari A. Ronning
Michael Gorman

Emily Hamilton and Other Writings by Sukey Vickery, edited by Scott Slawinski
Lucinda; or, The Mountain Mourner by P. D. Manvill, edited by Mischelle B. Anthony
Jill Kirsten Anderson


Special Thematic Cluster on Women and Journalism
The Second Sex in the Fourth Estate
Nicole Tonkovich

Profligate Gleaning and the Textual Economies of Judith Sargent Murray
Elizabeth Hewitt

Beyond the Bounds of the Book: Periodical Studies and Women Writers of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Jean Marie Lutes

Nineteenth-Century Abolitionists and the Databases They Created
Ellen Gruber Garvey


Legacy Reprint
"Yours, for the cause": The Christian Recorder Writings of Lizzie Hart
Eric Gardner

Elizabeth Stoddard's Civil War: "Gossip from Gotham" and the San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin
Jennifer Putzi

Ida M. Tarbell's "Women in Journalism"
Robin L. Cadwallader


Legacy Profile
Jane McManus Storm Cazneau, 1807-1878
Megan Jenison Griffin


Review Essay
A Black Daughter of the Revolution
Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins: Black Daughter of the Revolution by Lois Brown
Frances Smith Foster, Jacqueline Bacon, and Susan Tomlinson