Storyworlds 03:1

Storyworlds 03:1

Edited by David Herman

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Table Of Contents

Editor's Column
David Herman

What Is Fanfiction and Why Are People Saying Such Nice Things about It?
Bronwen Thomas

Children's Storytelling: Toward an Interpretive and Sociocultural Approach
Ageliki Nicolopoulou

The Common Basis of Narrative and Music: Somatic, Social, and Affective Foundations
Richard Walsh

Nabokov's Experiments and the Nature of Fictionality
Brian Richardson

Location, Location, Translation: Mapping Voice in Translated Storyworlds
Catherine Slater

The Reader's Virtual Body: Narrative Space and Its Reconstruction
Marco Caracciolo

Writing in Style: Pattern Languages and Writing Short Fiction
Alex Mitchell and Kevin McGee


Guidelines for Authors