Women and Music 14:1

Women and Music 14:1

Edited by Catherine J. Pickar

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Table Of Contents

Performing Sentiment; or, How to Do Things with Tears
Melina Esse

A Dialogue Begins: Nadia Boulanger, Igor Stravinsky, and the Symphonie de psaumes
Kimberly Francis

If Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville Made You a Feminist, What Kind of Feminist Are You? Heterosexuality, Race, and Class in the Third Wave
Elizabeth Keenan

The Smyth-Brewster Correspondence: A Fresh Look at the Hidden Romantic World of Ethel Smyth
Amanda Harris

Sounding Out: Pauline Oliveros and Lesbian Musicality, by Martha Mockus
Ellen Waterman

Listening to an Earlier Java: Aesthetics, Gender, and the Music of Wayang in Central Java, by Sarah Weiss
Bethany J. Collier