Native South 04:1

Native South 04:1

Edited by Robbie Ethridge, James T. Carson, and Greg O'Brien

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Table Of Contents

Into the Gap: Ethnohistorians, Environmental History, and the Native South
James D. Rice

Hina' Falaa, "The Long Path": An Analysis of Chickasaw Settlement Using GIS in Northeast Mississippi, 1650-1840
Wendy Cegielski and Brad R. Lieb

"Zealous in the Cause": Indian Violence, the Second Seminole War, and the Formation of a Southern Identity
F. Evan Nooe

A Confederate Officer Earns His Command: Chickasaw Diplomacy during the Sectional Crisis
Daniel Flaherty

Field Notes
From Sikwa to Swine: The Hog in Cherokee Culture and Society, 1750-1840
Ethan Moore

The Euchee (Yuchi) History Project
Stephen A. Martin and Adam Recvlohe

Bridging History and Prehistory: The Possible Antiquity of a Native American Ballgame
Anthony Michal Krus