Journal of Sports Media 07:1

Journal of Sports Media 07:1

Edited by Howard Schlossberg

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Table Of Contents


Editor's Preface

Bong Hits and Water Bottles: An Analysis of News Coverage of Athletes and Marijuana Use
Jonothan Lewis and Jennifer M. Proffitt

The New "Toy Department"? A Case Study on Differences in Sports Coverage between Traditional and New Media
Erin Whiteside, Nan Yu, and Marie Hardin

Baseball's Digital Disconnect: Trust, Media Credentialing, and the Independent Blogger
Avery Holton

Tiger Woods' Apology and Newspapers' Responses: A Study of Journalistic Antapologia
L. Paul Husselbee and Kevin A. Stein

TV Sportscasters 1, Burnout 0: Resources Sideline the Job Stressors of Sports Broadcasters
Scott Reinardy

Use of Social Networking Sites by Sports Fans: Implications for the Creation and Maintenance of Social Capital
Joe Phua

Caught by the Web: The Case of Guardian News & Media's Sports Desk
Peter English

LeBron James and "The Decision": An Empirical Examination of Image Repair in Sports
Kenon A. Brown, Josh Dickhaus, and Mia C. Long

Dinosaurs Approaching Extinction: Local Television Sports Threatened by Job Losses, Cuts in Time and Changes in Newsroom Philosophy
Jeffrey A. Halliday

Book Review
Howard Schlossberg