symploke 19:1/2

symploke 19:1/2

Edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo

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Table Of Contents

Editor's Note
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Theorizing Hunger
Zahi Zalloua

"To Eat Is a Compromise"
Christian Moraru

Nourishing the Hunger of the Other
Peter Atterton

Modernity, Madness, Disenchantment
Rebecca Gould

Tasteless Beckett
Alys Moody

Hunger, Apocalypse, and Modernity
Matthew Mullins

Hunger in Brazilian Cinema
Sophia A. McClennen

Hungry Ironies in the French Antilles
Nicole Simek

Hunger, Emotions, and Sport
Leslie Heywood

Aesthetics of Hunger
Ranjan Ghosh

Feeding Hunger
Lynn Z. Bloom

General Articles
Roses, Daggers, and Love
Ben Stoltzfus

Melville, Austen, and Violence
William V. Spanos

Space, Architecture, Trauma
Andrew Hock Soon Ng

Attraction, Death, and Digital Jouissance
Pamela Mansutti

Ethics Not Happiness
Stacy Thompson

"Where She Comes From"
N.R. Helms

The Postmodern Guise of Christ
James G. Hart

In Praise of Excess
Brian O'Keeffe

Who Wants the Liberal Arts?
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Under Construction
Jerry A. Varsava

Elisabeth Mermann-Jozwiak

The Wages of Globalization: An Interview with Lisa Lowe
Jeffrey J. Williams

The Drag of Masculinity: An Interview with Judith "Jack" Halberstam
Jeffrey J. Williams

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