Journal of Sports Media 08:1

Journal of Sports Media 08:1

Edited by Howard Schlossberg
Founding Editor, Brad Schultz

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Editor's Preface
Marion E. Hambrick and Jimmy Sanderson
Writing About Fighting: A Critical Content Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of The Ultimate Fighting Championship from 1993-2006
Matthew Masucci and Ted M. Butryn
Sending a Message through Captain Canada's Punishment: News Media Coverage of the Patrice Cormier Hockey Violence Incident
Laura Gibbs and Christine Dallaire
Determining the Effects of Sport Commentary on Viewer Perceptions, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Enjoyment through Violence Justification
Evan L. Frederick, Choong Hoon Lim, Jinwook Chung, and Galen Clavio
Ladies First, Men Second: The 2010 Western & Southern Financial Group Masters and Women's Tennis Open and Use of Social Media Marketing
Linda J. Schoenstedt and Jackie Reau
Using the Schema-Triggered Affect Model to Examine Disposition Formation in the Context of Sports News
William Kinnally, Firat Tuzunkan, Arthur A. Raney, Megan Fitzgerald, and Jason Kemmitt Smith
Image Repair Through tv: The Strategies of McGwire, Rodriguez and Bonds
Max Utsler and Susie Epp
Institutional Constraints and Changing Routines: Sports Journalists Tweet the Daytona 500
Betsy Emmons and Sim Butler
Rube Goldberg, College Football Pollster: An Agenda Setting Analysis of College Football Ranking Systems
Marcus Funk and Kathleen McElroy
The Effects of Fantasy Football Participation on Team Identification, Team Loyalty and nfl Fandom
Jeremy Lee, Brody J. Ruihley, Natalie Brown, and Andrew C. Billings