Native South 06:1

Native South 06:1

Edited by Robbie Ethridge, Greg O'Brien, and Melanie Benson Taylor

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Table Of Contents

"My Heart Jumps Happy When I . . . Hear That Music": Powwow Singing and Indian Identities in Eastern North Carolina
Clyde Ellis

Spanish Conquistadores, French Explorers, and Natchez Great Suns in Southwestern Mississippi, 1542–1729
Jayur Mehta

A Community of Convenience: The Saponi Nation, Governor Spotswood, and the Experiment at Fort Christanna, 1670–1740
Stephanie Gamble

Apalachee Identity on the Gulf Coast Frontier
Patrick Lee Johnson
Field Notes
The Nine from the Pines: High-Stakes Bingo and Federal Intervention in Coushatta Tribal Affairs in the 1980s
Jay Precht

"The Battle of Weyanoke Creek": A Story of the Third Anglo-Powhatan War in Early Carolina
Lars C. Adams