Women and Music 17:1

Women and Music 17:1

Edited by Suzanne G. Cusick

Table Of Contents

Queer Responses to Sexual Trauma: The Voices of Tori Amos's "Me and a Gun" and Lydia Lunch's Daddy Dearest
Mary Lee Greitzer

Hoopskirts, Coffee, and the Changing Musical Prospects of the Bach Women
David Yearsley

Shall Nation Speak unto Nation? Grace Williams and the BBC in Wales, 1931–1950
Graeme Cotterill


Blackness in Opera, edited by Naomi André, Karen M. Bryan, and Eric Saylor
Tammy L. Kernodle

Hearts of Pine: Songs in the Lives of Three Korean Survivors of the Japanese "Comfort Women," by Joshua D. Pilzer
Jessica Payette

Towards a Twenty-First-Century Feminist Politics of Music, by Sally Macarthur
Lindsey Eckenroth

Umm Kulthum: Artistic Agency and the Shaping of an Arab Legend 1967–2007, by Laura Lohman
Margaret Farrell