Great Plains Research 23:2

Great Plains Research 23:2

Edited by Gary Willson

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

Richard Edwards and Peter Longo

School Consolidation and Community Development
Gary Paul Green

The Importance of Being Emily: Lessons from Legislative Battles over Forced School Consolidation
Marty Strange

Tiebout in the Country: The Inevitable Politics of Rural School Consolidation
Steven L. Willborn

Place-Based Civic Education and the Rural Leadership Crisis in Nebraska
Christie L. Maloyed and J. Kelton Williams

Considering Native American Students in Rural School Consolidation
Andrea Miller

Photo Essay: Atmosphere for Learning Undistracted: Rural Schools of Nebraska
Charles W. Guildner

Economic Issues in School District Consolidation in Nebraska
Bree L. Dority and Eric C. Thompson

Demographic Foundation of Rural Education in the Great Plains: The Impact of Urbanization
Robert Blair, Jerome Deichert, and David Drozd

Segregation, Inequality, Demographic Change, and School Consolidation: A Micropolitan Case
William R. England and Edmund T. Hamann

Ensuring Mathematical Learning in Rural Schools: Investing in Teacher Knowledge
Wendy M. Smith, W. James Lewis, and Ruth M. Heaton

Strategies for Strengthening the Great Plains Oral Health Workforce
John Reinhardt and Kimberly McFarland

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