Gettysburg Magazine 36

Gettysburg Magazine 36

 Edited by Andy Turner

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INTRODUCTION: “Gettysburg Revisited”
by Edwin C. Bearss

Corbit’s Charge: Jeb Stuart Clashes with the 1st Delaware Cavalry at Westminster, Maryland, June 29, 1863
by Eric J. Wittenberg and J. David Petruzzi

The Heroes of Chancellorsville: Archer’s Brigade at Gettysburg
Paul Clark Cooksey

The Gettysburg Experiences of Col. Collett Leventhorpe, 11th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
by Michael C. Hardy

“But Few of this Force Escaped Us”: An Account of Doles’ Brigade and its Actions on July 1, 1863
by Jonathan Neu

Profile in Courage; The 15th Alabama Infantry at Gettysburg
by Jeff Denman

Color Photography of Gettysburg Battlefield

The Artillery Duel in the Peach Orchard July 2, 1863
R. L. Murray

Brown’s Company B, 1st Rhode Island Artillery at the Battle of Gettysburg
by Robert Grandchamp

Col. Charles S. Wainwright‘s Account of Cooper’s Company B, 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery on East Cemetery Hill: A Case of Mistaken Identity?
by Frank J. Piatek

“Boys, Bury Me on the Field”: The Forlorn and Forgotten 59th New York on Cemetery Ridge
by Zachery A. Fry

Hooves and Shoes: Two Controversies at Gettysburg
by Paul Clark Cooksey

We’re Going "To Get Those Shoes”
by Wiley Sword