symploke 21:1/2

symploke 21:1/2

Edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo

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Table Of Contents

 Editor's Note
Jeffrey R. Di Leo
Critical Climate
A New Critical Climate
Adeline Johns-Putra
The Deconstructive Turn
Timothy Clark
Can Theory Save the Planet?
Jeffrey R. Di Leo
Poisoned Ground
Timothy Morton
Framing the End of the Species
Claire Colebrook
Aura in the Anthropocene
Thomas H. Ford
Climate Change and the Individual Talent
Matthew Griffiths
Theories of Certain Uncertainty
Deborah Lilley
Saying Climate Change
Maggie Kainulainen
Environmental Care Ethics
Adeline Johns-Putra
Greening the Sphere
Gregers Andersen
Does the Climate Need Consensus?
Gert Goeminne
Doing Science Justice
Matt Spencer
New Stationary States
Brian Lennon
Thinking Diverse Futures from a Carbon Present
Karen Pinkus
Biodiversity and the Abyssal Limits of the Human
John Miller
Integrating Agency with Climate Critique
Adam Trexler

General Articles
How to Analyze Texts that Were Burned, Lost, Fragmented, or Never Written
Sean Braune
The Disimagination Machine and the Pathologies of Power
Henry A. Giroux
Frida Beckman
American Exceptionalism in the Post-/ Era
William V. Spanos
Paul de Man Now, or, Nihilism in the Right Company
Robert Savino Oventile
Metacritique in the Eighth Circle of Hell
Greg Hainge

Rewriting the History of American Literature: An Interview with Gordon Hutner
Jeffrey J. Williams
Inferential Man: An Interview with Robert Brandom
Jeffrey J. Williams
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Notice to Contributors
Notes on Contributors
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