Journal of Sports Media 09:1

Journal of Sports Media 09:1

 Edited by Mary Lou Sheffer

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Female Bodies on Display: Attitudes Regarding Female Athlete Photos in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue and ESPN:The Magazine's Body Issue
Rachael R. Smallwood, Natalie A. Brown, and Andrew C. Billings
"The Nail Polish underneath the Hockey Gloves": NBC's Framing of Women Hockey Players in the 2010 Winter Olympics
Kelly Poniatowski
This IsSportsCenter: A Longitudinal Content Analysis of ESPN's Signature Television Sports-News Program from 1999 and 2009
Jacob S. Turner
The ESPN Assemblage: The Political and Cultural Economy of Late Sports Capitalism
Ray Gamache
How Golfers and Tennis Players Frame Themselves: A Content Analysis of Twitter Profile Pictures
Roxane Coche
Emotion Work for Merriwell and Billy Clyde: Challenging American Football's Two-Tiered Gender System on Friday Night Lights
Robert L. Kerr