Native South 07:1

Native South 07:1

Edited by Greg O'Brien, Melanie Benson Taylor, and Robbie Ethridge

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Pocahontas Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Women and Gender in the Native South before Removal
Michelle LeMaster

Cherokees and Franco-British Confrontation in the Tennessee Corridor, 1730–1760
Kristofer Ray

The Many Faces of Native Bonded Labor in Colonial Virginia
Kristalyn Marie Shefveland

Field Notes
"The Word 'Mixed' without the 'Indian' Would Be Better": Virginia's Racial Integrity Act and the Destruction of Indian Race in the Early Twentieth Century
Mika Endo

Precontact Sources in Historical Narratives
Alejandra Dubcovsky

Seminole Histories of the Calusa: Dance, Narrative, and Historical Consciousness
Jason Baird Jackson

Remembering Michael D. Green
James Taylor Carson

Remembering Charles Hudson
Robbie Ethridge