Gettysburg Magazine 13

Gettysburg Magazine 13

Edited by Bob Younger

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Table Of Contents

Introduction: "Gettysburg Revisited"
by Edwin Cole Bearss

Torrid Heat and Blinding Rain: A Meteorological and Astronomical Chronology of the Gettysburg Campaign
by Thomas L. Elmore

Perrin's Brigade on July 1, 1863
by J. Michael Miller

The 16th Maine Volunteer Infantry at Gettysburg
by Richard A. Sauers

Personal Battle Weapons of the Civil War: Defending the Codori House and Cemetery Ridge: Two Swords with Harrow's Brigade in the Gettysburg Campaign
by Wiley Sword

The Granite Glory: The 19th Maine at Gettysburg
by R. Lee Hadden

Over the Wall
by Roger Long

The Unmerited Censure of Two Maryland Staff Officers, Maj. Osmun Latrobe and First Lt. W. Stuart Symington
by Michael W. Taylor

"Glory Enough for All": Lt. William Brooke-Rawle and the 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry at Gettysburg
by Kevin E. O'Brien

The Mysterious Disappearance of Brig. Gen. John R. Jones
by Roger Long

John Gibbon: The Man and the Monument
by Steven J. Wright and Blake A. Magner